Full Board Program

Our rates include full board and excursions

Huemules offers an all-inclusive program. Just one rate gives you access to the complete range of services for a perfect experience: lodging in our luxury domes, four meals a day with free all you can drink Natural Huemules Water and your choice of two half-day or one full-day excursions per day.

The rest is Nature’s job. We really want your days with us to be simply perfect, full of new sensations. Our staff will make all the necessary efforts to accomplish that.


A full immersion in Nature, with the best views of the Cordillera.

♥ Queen or Twin size beds with down feathers Duvets (maximum warmth and minimum weight). 180 thread American Percale cotton sheets, micropolar blankets and 100% 600 g/m2 cotton towels.
♥ Wood burning stove to keep the dome warm and cozy.
♥ Towel slippers and free chocolates every night.
♥ Enough Wi-fi to know what’s happening in the world, upload your photos and keep in touch with family and friends.
♥ Private bathroom with 24hrs hot water, which we recommend to use rationally.
♥ Organ&Co biodegradable and organic amenities with Yerba Mate and Verbena fragrance.
♥ Visco-elastic pillow menu for added comfort, with silicone fiber and down feathers filling for reading support.
♥ Breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and three course dinner included.
♥ Natural Water from Huemules Reserve, wine or beer during lunch and dinner and a open bar during the stay with selected alcoholic beverages
♥ Private deck with chairs to relax and enjoy.
♥ The possibility of customizing your stay as you wish, prioritizing rest and relaxation or taking part in Nature activities that consist of guided excursions with different levels of physical effort.


and you really won’t need...

× In room TV: why would you want it when you’ll be busy all day long touring the Reserve and you’ll have the most magnificent view of the Cordillera outside your window... in real time.
× Air conditioning. Nights in Huemules are always cool, so you won’t need it.
× Wi-fi that is strong enough for every guest to simultaneously stream the complete 8 seasons of Game of Thrones. But then again, why should you need it with all the outdoor activities you can enjoy?
× Mini fridge inside your dome. There is enough food available and fresh water is always plentiful because it comes from melting snow only a few meters above.


Our meals are based on local regional cuisine; a fixed menu is served for lunch and a different one for dinner. Should you require it, we always include a vegetarian or gluten free option and our resident Chef is open to our guests’ suggestions. In our full-day excursions, each guest carries his own lunch box with a delicious and nutritious gourmet meal to recharge batteries during the activity.


Additional Services

Not included in our rate.


From and to the city of Esquel or the Airport. If you need it, we can arrange the service for you.

Premium Drinks

Premium wines and drinks may be chosen à la carte and will have an additional cost.

Snacks and souvenirs

Besides full meals, our bar offers a selection of chocolates, drinks, snacks and local souvenirs.

Because of its remote location far from urban centers, Huemules must generate its own energy and obtain its own water. That's why we ask our guests to make rational use of our resources: limit hot showers to only 5 minutes, do not leave any electrical appliances plugged to the outlets or the lights on when stepping out of your dome. The energy we use is 100% clean and renewable, but its capacity is limited; consequently we ask you to think about this limitation so we can all enjoy it.

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