Frequently Asked Questions

How does Huemules works?

→ What is included?

Every stay in Huemules includes:

  • Geodesic dome for two or three guests with private bathroom. A foldable cot (extra cost) can be added if there are minors accompanying the adults. Maximum occupancy per dome is two adults and one minor in double domes and three adults or minors in triple domes
  • Daily breakfast offering local and seasonal dishes; a combination of natural and healthy ingredients
  • Lunch or lunch box, if the visitor chooses a whole day or half day excursion.
  • Light tea with hot beverages and our freshly made own patisserie.
  • Dinner featuring Patagonian regional dishes and locally sourced products, Patagonian beef, lamb, trout and game meats, all of them specially prepared according to traditional and local recipes.
  • Coffee and natural water available during the whole day in common areas.
  • Wood fire every night
  • One full day or two half day excursions Options are Trekking, Horseback riding and Mountain Bike during the summer and Horseback riding, Snow rackets and Cross country skiing in winter..
  • Outdoor parking in the premises.
  • Wi-Fi and cell phone signal in common areas.

→ How many people can stay in each room?

Each dome has a queen size bed or two twin beds; a foldable cot (extra cost) can be added if children less than 14 years old stay with the adults. If the children are over 14, an extra dome needs to be reserved. We’ll try our best to ensure that families are lodged as close as possible.

→ Are minors allowed?

Yes, Huemules is a wonderful destination for families. There are plenty of activities for all ages and it is a place that everybody can enjoy. You must bear in mind that we are located in a rural environment amidst the cordillera, with creeks, forests and a totally wild terrain.

→ Can I bring my pet?

Our environmental policy aims to preserve the natural habitat and free movement of all fauna and avifauna species; consequently, home pets are not allowed in the complex.

→ What are the bathrooms like?

Each dome has a specially built bathroom inside. It has a 24 hour hot water shower, sink with mirror, water closet and bidet. We offer biodegradable towels and amenities.

→ Are there insects and animals?

The domes are located in the natural environment of the Patagonian cordillera; consequently, there are animals and insects in the surroundings. None of them poses any risk or threat to our guests. It is highly possible that during your stay you’ll be able to see foxes, hares and various bird types: woodpeckers, chucaos, parrots, caiquenes and ducks, among others. With a little bit of luck and mostly during long stays, you might be able to encounter deer, wild bores and condors.

The whole domes and common areas sector is wire fenced and the wild animals tend to avoid contact with humans, so it is highly unlikely to find animals lurking in the common areas. On the other side, because of the fact that we are located within a rural farm, we will be able to see domestic cattle like horses, cows, sheep, etc. in certain areas a bit far from the domes.

→ What will the weather be like?

Huemules is situated in a mountain environment within the Cordillera. While spring and summer are usually sunny with nice temperatures, it is very common for the temperature to drop considerably at night.

Patagonian weather is very variable; it changes a lot. A sunny day with 25° C (77° F) degrees can turn into a storm with a steep temperature drop in just a few minutes; that’s why we highly recommend to be prepared for these situations. Also, the lodging area is at a medium altitude and protected from the wind; consequently, the weather conditions are more benign that in the high mountain areas you will visit during the excursions.

→ What should I pack?

The Cordillera weather is extremely variable; a sunny and hot day can turn into a cloudy and cold one within minutes. That’s why we recommend our visitors to bring:

  • Short and long pants
  • Jacket or windbreaker
  • Gloves and hat
  • Besides your basic garments, you should always carry a warm coat
  • Appropriate shoes for outdoor activities (mountain boots or sport sneakers)
  • An extra pair of shoes
  • Hats to protect you from the sun
  • Sun glasses

Do not forget to bring sun protection and insect repellent.

→ How many domes do you have?

We designed Huemules with the purpose of providing you a comfortable and quite intimate stay in full contact with Nature. We have 10 rooms/domes, separated about 30 meters (100 ft) from each other and the ñire forest. They were specifically conceived to maximize our guests’ relaxation. While we do encourage our guests to mingle during the excursions, the meals and the night wood fire, each one will be able to build their own experience and choose what type of interaction they want with the other guests and the staff.

→ Is there electricity?

Yes, we generate our own electricity, 220 V, 24 hours a day in the rooms and the common areas. The electric plug used in Argentina is  Type I. Do not forget to bring an adaptor if your electric accessories have a different type of plug.

→ Do you offer Wi-Fi?

Yes, Wi-Fi is available in common areas. Being as we are in a remote area, Internet service is limited, and we ask our guests not to use it for intensive usage services like video streaming, etc. This way, everybody will be able to enjoy good connectivity.

→ What about cell phone signal?

We have our own antenna to provide cell phone signal in common areas. The service works with Movistar lines. During the excursions, depending on the area, there will be various places with cell phone signal.

→ What are the food options you provide?

Huemules offers the best food in the region. Patagonian beef and lamb; trout; the unique sweet and sour flavours of our marmalades made with fresh fruit; local mushrooms and vegetables, and the best Patagonian wines and beers. Besides, should the guest require it, we offer vegetarian and gluten free options. It is important you clearly state in your reservation any dietary restriction you may have so we can be prepared.

→ What type of activities do you offer?

In the summer we arrange Horseback riding, Bicycle o Hiking excursions of various lengths and difficulty levels in the company of our specialized guides. For more information, please see Excursions

→ What’s the level of physical effort needed for the excursions?

Our excursion program was conceived with different routes, different lengths and different levels of physical effort, so everybody can participate. Some activities last only a few hours and demand very low physical effort, but there are also highly specialized tours in the high mountains that last a complete day. Our guests can choose what activity they prefer. For more information, please see Excursions

→ What to do in an emergency? Do you have a doctor in the premises?

All the members of Huemules personnel are trained in first aid techniques for emergency care. If necessary, we have got the equipment to transfer the patient to the nearest hospital in the city of Esquel, just 45 minutes away. At Huemules we are prepared for all kinds of emergencies. We do not have a doctor in the premises.

→ Can you accommodate large groups?

Certainly. We have special programs for common interest groups. Please contact our Reservations department to help you design an unforgettable trip.

→ Can I plan an event, like a wedding or a corporate retreat at Huemules?

Yes. Please contact our Reservations department to so we can arrange the type of event you want.

→ How do you get to Huemules?

Huemules is located 23 km from the city of Esquel (Chubut) and 45 km from the airport. You have to take a rural road, in perfect condition, which can be handled by simple traction vehicles during the summer months. Guests can arrive on their own or arrange for a transfer, with additional cost, from the Esquel airport or the city of Bariloche. For more information, please contact our Reservations department.

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