Activities in Nature

Guided excursions that demand different physical effort levels.

Our Reserve offers 6200 hectares of Patagonian Andean Forests with numerous circuits for the most incredible activities in Nature. Your stay includes daily excursions you can choose that demand different levels of physical effort.

These excursions will allow to tour the lenga and ñire forests, cross melting snow formed creeks and discover at every step new landscapes in imposing Patagonia. In our excursions we will be able to view the most representative local fauna animals: woodpeckers, caiquenes, condors, foxes and deer, among others.


Horseback riding, Trekking and Mountain Biking

Between November and April, Huemules offers an incredible array of landscapes to enjoy. Discover the mesmerizing spring hues with patches of snow, summer with its intense green shades and the spectacular fall with its unique palette of red hues.

During this time of the year we offer trekking, horseback riding, and mountain biking excursions, covering unique circuits with breathtaking scenery just in the company of the Patagonian immensity. Each step is an experience and each circuit a different sensation.


The best panoramic views

Horseback Riding

The traditional way

Mountain Bike

The most hard to reach places

Summer Excursions Map


Horseback riding, Snow Shoes and Ski Touring

During July, August and September Huemules is covered with snow, giving you a varied menu of winter activities.

During the winter season we offer snow trekking with snow shoes, horseback riding in the snow and ski touring in a beautiful environment that lets you enjoy the snow capped forest and the amazing white mountains.

Horseback riding in the snow

Tours across the wonderful forest

Ski Touring

An unforgettable experience

Snow Shoes

Floating on the snow

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